My head:

Over the weekend I was contacted my a realtor. She has a client who is looking to purchase a house and they only want to purchase this house if they can add onto it. In order to get the construction loan the bank needs to review drawings to see if the final product will increase the house value equal to or greater than the requested loan. The home owner needs to know if they can build the desired addition for the amount of the loan. The will need me to draft plans and elevations in less than 14 days which is the time the have between the acceptance of their conditional offer and when they need to make a final decision.

I have another Architectural Registration Exam on the 26th.

I have a meeting with a guy who wants to renovate a 3 family in Cambridge

There is another guy from a contractor who wants to add on a family room this summer.


my cousin needs help finishing her basement for the arrival of her new human being (the older brother gets the basement, its going to be a nice place)

i have 2 kids and a wife to tend to

i have an allroad to tend to

and I have one of those 9-5 things