I went home on my lunch break to help out my wife deal with our two-year old with strep while she handled our infant.

I was on MoPac south, between Ben White and my exit at Davis Lane, in the middle lane at 70 mph. A Jetta wagon raced up behind me and started sniffing my sphincter. The speed limit was 65, so I wasn't speeding up. I finished passing the cars on my right and pulled over to let her past.

She was, of course, immediately assblocked by a Jeep going 55. Common in texas to have someone doing 10 under in the fast lane. So at the first opportunity she pulls behind me, almost clipping my bumper (so it seemed). Again, she's on my ass at 70 mph. I could barely see her headlights she was so close. I set cruise and waited for my exit. She was getting visibly more upset as the traffic on the left was still doing 5-10 under.

Finally she gets a break and rockets away, as fast as her little 2.0t would take her.

Annnnnnd busted. A motorcycle cop was waiting at the end of the curve (actually there were two, one for each direction). I almost felt compelled to give the cop a thumbs up but thought better of it and went home.

As a fun post-script, I stopped at WhichWich around the corner from our house to grab a sammich on the way back to work. A carload of four bros in an S4 had just unloaded as I was parking.


So at WhichWich, you grab a bag and check all of the boxes for the stuff you want on your sammich. It's actually a great system. While the bros were drawing bewbs or writing "Chad is teh ghey" on the back of their bags (the sandwich makers clip them to a line as they work through the order, and the backs are visible to everyone in the restaurant), I dashed down my order and handed it to the sandwich dude.

I hear, "Chad, that punkass just jumped the line." Followed by a chorus of , "Why do you have to be such a fag, fag?" Etc. The wit almost crippled me, but I proceeded to pay for my food and sit down with my salt and vinegar chips and some tea. I was ribbed off and on the entire wait. Everyone else int he restaurant gave them evil looks but no one said anything. Should I have? Whatever. Just confirmed the Top Gear theory of Audi ownership.