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Figured out the fuel tank issue on the little boat

Last season I noticed that the boat ran WAAAY better from a plastic aux tank than the main aluminum. I figured the pickup was clogged or something so I set about to adding it to my winter projects...that turned into a spring project. Found the culprit


The main pickup goes into the tank and then a few inches down clips onto this hose that goes to the bottom of the tank. that explains why it would act like it was out of fuel with plenty in the tank. The tank was a PITA to get out but I got it and replaced the line so here’s hoping it runs right. I do have to get a new valve stem as one side ripped out today and the trailer needs work (lights, bearings, bunks) but those will be easy.

Size reference pic plus bonus westfalia


In front of Costa Vida is a good place for car spotting it turns out.

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