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When the pictures leaked yesterday, I pinged them over to my Dad, who’s right in the meaty part of the curve for a Boomer and is a current owner. His response?

“Thanks... very different.”


Needless to say, I don’t think he’s in the fan camp that many of us (now) are. When I saw the pictures of the camo’d car, I was sure it was going to be at least a $75k base. But under $60k? Wow.


Stylistically - I like everything except for two things:

1) The rear fascia. It’s not bad from every angle except directly behind, where it somehow morphs into being pretty bad

2) The side intakes - they seem both too aggressive and too far forward. I know GM is probably extremely worried about cooling issues, so they might just be necessary, but I think if they were to look a bit less aggressive and be a bit further back on the body that they’d flow better with the design.


Overall - entire package, looks, price, etc... it’s a home run.  I think it’ll do extremely well, Boomers be damned.

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