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More Camera/Photography questions

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This is a follow-up to my last post:


Well, it looks like Canon’s offer was too good to be true. The $250 refurb’d Rebel T6 was sold out with no expectation of a restock on the horizon. At least they gave me my money back. The Canon rep tried to talk me into a EOS thank you.

Now after much thinking, I realized I don’t need that big of a camera since I plan to toss it in my bag on hikes or my messenger bag.


Would you guys still recommend I go for the T6 deal OR go for a mirrorless like the A6000?


What I like about the Canon is the range of lens options and how it’s only a bit larger than the Sony. I also have large hands, so I have less problems with a bigger chassis. Having an additional $70 in my pocket isn’t bad, either. However, it is bigger and there’s no getting around that.


What I like about the Sony is its size, or lack thereof - every little bit helps. It’s also less “HEY LOOK AT ME”. However, I’ve been seeing the idea of “dating the body and marrying the glass”, which makes me hesitatant to buy into the Sony line up, especially since there’s fewer options without buying an adapter.

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