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My Brother in Law and I are helping out cousin find a car. He’s 17 or 18 and has saved up some money to buy a cool car. He wants something manual and fun. That Mazda6 I look at least weekend was a bust. It was a V6 not a 2.3, which as it turns out is the same V6 as the Ford Taurus. Now idk about you but I don’t exactly think “fun sproty Car” when I here Taurus. we went and check it out anyway hoping the 3.0 would surprise us, it didn’t. It was a soulless, torqueless, low Erving turd. On top of that the car felt heavier than you’d think, was rustier that we thought, and had an oil leak that seeped oil on to the rear exhaust manifold.


so we told our cousin to move on and look for something with a four cylinder. With the promise that he’ll have more fun, and get better fuel economy. On the way home we also stopped and looked at an 03 Civic Si. It had 108k and was rust free, but the interior was filthy. Some one had there dogs in the car every day, and it stunk like dog, hair was everywhere and the ebrake lever, polis a few trim prices were chewed up. He’s been showing me cars that peak his interest since we got home. Scion TCs, A Cobalt SS, an RX-8, a few GTIs. And today I sent him his.


a high mile but very well cared for RSX Type-S A spec. Yes the one with the Evo wing. I’m hoping it doesn’t burn oil, and there’s no timing chain noise.

Now obviously I’m still a Honda fan boy, so I’m biased but I think even with the miles this car has lots of high Reving life left in it.

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