I wanted to get this out before the next video drops and kills my thoughts, plus Boosted2k asked. I still think there are THREE cars we are receiving information on. How else are you going to tease for 10 weeks when only the horsepower rating and 1/4 mile time mean anything? Here’s what I’m thinking:

The lineup mimics the Viper’s trim levels [SRT-GTS-ACR] but in the case of the supercharged Challenger SRT it will go [Hellcat-Demon- Demon ADR]. Everything stays RWD and the Hellcat and Demon keep a manual and automatic option. Only the limited production ADR has transmission and engine changes.

2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat - Power bump to 757 hp which allows for a 11.21 second quarter mile on the stock 275 rear tires. That’s about a quater of a second faster than the “old” version and the same time the Hellcats put down on the Nitto NT555R 275/40R-20s. This will be the competitor to the GT500 (which is rumored at 755 hp and run an 11.17 in the quarter).

2018 SRT Demon - Wide body that’s 3.5 inches wider than the Hellcat, less sound deadening, different exhaust, intake, hood, and all lightweighting short of removing the seats and some convenience features. Still rated at “757 hp” *wink wink*. Likely to be able to touch 10.5 seconds across the 1/4 miles right off the showroom floor (so you’ll be able to hang with McLaren 675LTs and Tesla Model S P100Ds, and definitely faster than the upcoming GT500 or else). It will ride on 315s in the rear and 275s up front (but I don’t think they’ll be the Nitto street-slicks from the video, they’ll probably be a wider version of the P Zeros since people will be on the streets with these).


2018 SRT Demon ADR - A total of 257.6 lbs lighter than the Hellcat when optioned without the seats. Some unheard of amount of power and limited production like the Shelby GT350R but with numbered VINs. The total production number will match the horsepower rating. The Demon Crate goes with these limited models because the crate and tools all get your VIN. That crate goes into the space where the backseat was and you can remove the crate from the seatless passenger side. You can probably option to have a passenger seat that you’ll need to remove if you want the crate out the car though. You also get downsized wheels at 18 inches from the stock 20s, two sets of the Nitto 315 street-slicks which will be mounted on the front and rear because how else are you going to get 2 sets of 315s, a crate, a set of skinnies, and a bunch of tools home or to the track using only a coupe?

I think the ADR is gunning to be the fastest production car across the 1/4 mile when completely stripped and set on the skinnies in the best conditions. Probably a 9.6 second 1/4 mile at around 50 mph.


I’d say pricing goes something like:

  • Hellcat 757 - $63,995.
  • Demon - $71,495 (this will be the top end for “regular” people and probably run in the high 10 second range stock).
  • Demon ADR - $84,995 (this will be the collector car, especially with the numbered VINs, so will go for well into the $120k range).


Maybe Boyd Coddington’s son Thomas McGee will take delivery of one of the first ADRs and they took advantage of placing a spotlight on the Ramchargers?