Let me preface this by saying that I’m **not** buying anything. The parental figures of Oppo have been successful in convincing me to adult my way through this new year. That means my tradition of buying new smarts and my new tradition of amassing a hoard of motorcycles are both on indefinite hold...at the very least until I get my safety net back.

With that out of the way, onto an idea that this time came with sobriety!

As indicated in any of my recent posts, I’ve long had an itch to engine swap something. I cancelled the Ruckus clone engine swap and instead I decided to get rid of it. But had I decided to follow through on the swap I finally figured out how it could have worked:

1) Start with a Ruckus clone or some other cheap scooter with a lot of open space and not a lot of weight:


2) Remove the engine (this also removes the CVT and rear wheel). This will leave a nice space for you to play with. However, you won’t have a swingarm or wheel.

3) Get a swingarm. I did some research into the engine mounting holes for a Ruck and they’re actually a perfect place to mount a swingarm. Get a swingarm for an older bike and you’ll even have preexisting holes to remount the Ruckus suspension. Something like this:


4) Get a rear wheel that’s about the same size as the front.


5) And now for the heart of the operation. This project may actually be a perfect fit for a Predator engine. These engines are normally reserved for minibikes, but I’ve seen them used on road bike projects because they’re so dead simple to mount (square mounting plate), run, and modify. I’ve watched guys get 70+ mph out of these things, too. I mean, it can’t be any worse in reliability than the GY6 you just removed, right? lol


If you wanna get really silly, a Predator 670cc v-twin can also be crammed into tiny spaces and it actually sounds really nice.

However, the beauty of this idea is that you can use literally any engine you want so long as you can get it to fit and use a little sorcery to get the motor mounted. I also really like the idea of using a 400cc two stroke from a dilapidated enduro, as well.


6) Pick your transmission poison. If you go with a normal motorcycle engine and transmission, just connect it to a sprocket on your new rear wheel (you may need to play with sprocket sizes, of course). For the Predator, you can easily get a torque converter (and maybe jackshaft) to snake its way to that rear wheel.

So what does Oppo think? Have I truly lost my mind...er...lost my mind even more?

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