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More Custom Speedometers!

It’s been four years since I last made custom speedometers for smarts...now comes a new wave!

I still know absolutely nothing about photo editing software like PS and GIMP, but somehow I can still churn out these things and I’ve learned how to do them from start to finish. My favourite remains the one Tucker still has. 100,000 miles later and it still looks good!


I also made some others back then.


After that string of speedometer faces, I moved on to other projects. However four years later, there is renewed interest in these things and I’m the only one who has the knowledge to make them now.


First new speedometer is from a guy who goes to Canada a lot, and thus wanted a speedometer that counts in both mph and kph. He also wanted kph to be the primary with mph being secondary. You’ll be correct to point out that a mph to kph conversion isn’t linear like depicted. However, due to the fact that a smart’s speedometer is always 1-5 mph off, he felt safe rounding the numbers for aesthetics’ sake. Amusingly, he’s finding the kph readings to be almost dead on.


If any Oppos want me to make one for their car, I could do it if you send me a scan of your current speedometer face(s). :)

Happy St Paddy’s Oppo!

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