So I’ve been recently thinking of parting with my beloved 80 series for something with a little less age on its seats, plastics and rubber. I don’t really like the prospect on account of the emotional attachment I form with cars, especially cars as good as the 80. I mean even with major brake issues on account of ATF instead of DOT3 it still killed it off roading this last week once we got it flushed out. And its hard to not love a car thats literally been my shelter and safe haven on more than one occasion.

However some recent data has me rethinking the choice to hang onto it. I friend of mine just sold his 80 series, with similar miles and condition but without the re-gear or the cooling system upgrades, or the top end work and he got nearly 11 grand for it. 11 grand! for a 22 year old (his was a 95) 250,000 mile truck! I think I could ask and get 13k for mine on account of the better mechanical condition of the engine, its relative lack of rust and its relatively nice interior condition. (with these trucks its ALL relative)


For 13 grand I would have made back all I put into it easily and would be well on my way to a nice 150k 100 series cruiser to start building up.

I guess 80 series are just THAT hot right now.

I wouldn’t get all the hard core of the 80 in a 100 series, but truthfully this recent trip has taught me that:

1. I rarely use the extra awesome

2. I generally prefer touring with less demanding crawling anyway

So sell the 80, get a 100, invest about $4000 in tires, lift, armor, electrical, etc and have a great touring right that isn’t suffering in the age department as bad as my truck (its not the miles, its just the age of things like the leather, the plastic connectors, the rubber fittings, etc...mechanically its still very sound)


Im even tempted to put in a little more and find a 200 series, purely on account of the fact that I like the idea of using a 200 to tour in.