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More dealership hijinks

I said "hijinks" because 1. it sounds better than "face-palm incompetent awfulness" and 2. I like the way the three tittles look in the word. Also that reminds me of Total Recall, for some reason.

OK, on to business.

Some of you may have seen my previous post about my back and forth with the dealership about the minivan and its issues. "Finally!" I thought, "All has been made right again!"


I spoke too soon.

When we picked up the car on Monday afternoon, there were two small issues. The first was that they Armor-All-ed (or some similar product) the floor mats. This meant that for the next week, we were all slipping around getting in and out of the car. Also it's weird driving when your heel won't stay in place. The second issue was a slight chemical smell from the cleaners they'd used to do the detailing. Keep in mind that this detail job was their way of saying 'hey, we screwed up and we're making it right'. OK, so. The chemical smell started to fade a bit, maybe...but was replaced by a kind of mildewy smell. And that wasn't going away.


Saturday, I pulled up the floor mats. Their undersides were wet. The carpet and the carpet floor lining were wet to the point of "water will squeeze out of them". I swear, this dealership will screw up everything possible, every time. Since it was a nice day, I let the floormats dry on the driveway, cracked the windows, and let the car run for a couple of hours with the heater on. That got most of it, but I'm calling back on Tuesday when the service director is back to figure out how they're going to make this right. I think the carpet will need to be re-cleaned, re-dried, and...oh, I don't know. I seriously don't know. know, you go to a restaurant and they screw up and they comp your dessert. But the whole thing here was a warranty claim. They can't make it any more free than it was. And they attempted to give me a full detail to make up for it, and screwed that up.

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