Sigh...ok, yesterday I asked Oppo for dating advice and what I got was like half a dozen replies of “be yourself.” Ok, that’s awesome, I appreciate it Oppo. But, um, there’s a few problems (details below the jump):

1. “Myself” is incredibly awkward. Seriously. I’m like girl repellant.

2. Well, that’s not entirely true. Like I said the first time around, I’ve been on a few dates but most of the time it just ended up being awkward for a variety of reasons (whether me, her, or both) to the point of, yeah, like I said last time I’m thinking I could be home watching Good Luck Charlie or even that really hot redhead on the same network. I’m just wondering, like, how to make shit not awkward.


3. And how to meet women or people in the first place. I don’t have much of a job, and what I do have isn’t exactly rife with a lot of dating opportunity. And, um, other than that I don’t go out much. There’s not much of a dating scene here.

And at the end of the day I’m wondering if it’s even worth dating. I see the miserable marriage between my parents and other people and I’m like, yeah, fuck this. Given the rise of lifelong singles in my generation and younger, it really looks like the future is just in sex toys, porn, and immediate, self-sexual gratification anyway and I’m absolutely convinced the inter-personal relationship (and by extension marriage) is a dodo facing extinction anyway. There was a whole bunch that was going here but it seemed like it was going into Cigar Lounge territory so I’ll leave it at that, but my question is: should I even be looking in the first place or should I, like, I dunno, order from a sex shop instead?


...I also really need to built up an internal filter before posting personal shit onto a public car enthusiast community (I’m sure pauljones will tell me that, so this is just to let him know that I’m working on it)

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