Need a frugal beater. Warning, I have an unhealthy obsession with 1990-1993 Accords. I had 3. They are so beat now though I had to get out the game you feel me.

Anyways the Z is not good for driving 400 miles a week to commute. Was originally gonna get an MKV GTI, and liked it on the test drive, but the reliability scared me off. Tested an 8G Civic Si, and it was cool, but with the tickets I racked up this year, I gotta chill. And the K20Z in that just begged to be thrashed. That said, I was never a fan of the 2 tier dash, but after sitting in it I really liked it. Interior felt pretty high quality and the layout was straightforward. Visibility was excellent as well. I'm a big fan. Only thing I didn't like, strangely, was the shift linkage. Honda usually gets that right. It didn't have the precision I expect from them. Action in the linkage was a little sloppy, and the forward gates had less space between them than the back ones. It was weird.

For the hell of it, they had a same year Civic LX 5M, so I took that out. Nowhere near as fun as the Si, but it kept a lot of what I liked. The EX strikes the balance, and is super Jalop in its rareness. EX, 5 speed, gray interior is hard as hell to find. I found one 100 miles away that's black and CPO. I'm looking forward to $20 fillups and way more relaxing commutes.

Dont get me wrong though.... coilovers and intakes are in the future. Another problem with the Z is mods are crazy expensive. A suspension up to my standards would be $2000 when it's all said and done. For that money I could do everything I want to the Civic- suspension, brakes, I/H/E, maybe 17" wheels if I find a used OEM bargain. Will be nice to be able to rotate tires too and only have to replace 2 at a time. Looking forward to it.

O yea, the CB Accords. These Civics are the modern incarnation. Same HP, slightly lower weight, same wheelbase. Perfect footprint for a sedan IMO. The R18 is not as versatile or mod friendly as the F22A, but it gets the job done, and more importantly is literally begging to be turbocharged. More on that later though.....