Now that I’ve had the K04 turbo installed for about 3500 miles, i decided to do some data logging with a buddy of mine. What we found out was that the stock airbox was not giving enough airflow, and that above 4000rpm the car was cutting fuel to compensate for the lack of air. I went to a local VW shop, and picked up the APR Carbonio Intake for my car. Was pretty easy to install, and the throttle response is much improved now, as well as top-end grunt. It looks pretty sweet too...

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I hate to be that guy and say i got hp gains from an intake, but in this case, if that data os correct, i actually gained about 10hp at the wheels due to the now much less restricted airflow!


While i was under the hood, I also finally did the soundaktor delete. That’s VW’s symposer, that pumps fake sounds in to the cabin. Took some fidgeting to get it out from under the rain guard, but the car sounds a lot more natural now! Overall, a productive few days with the car. Next up, larger S3 brakes going on next week hopefully!

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