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More Goo: City Turbo II, with Added Zest!

The City Turbo II is both one of my favorite bits of JDM forbidden fruit and the one I'm most likely to end up with (once I stop being so broke). It's the ultimate version of the first proper Mugen road car, engineered by Soichiro Honda's son, with a 110 horsepower turbocharged and intercooled engine pushing a mere 1600 pounds, good for a 0-60 time of 8.6 seconds, which is not bad by today's standards and really fucking amazing for a supermini in 1984. It also has big-ass boxy fender flares and a digital dash, both of which makes everything better. This is easily the cleanest Turbo II I've seen, with the only visible mods being a set of wheels that look to be off of a more modern Honda and an aftermarket stereo, featuring rear speakers that say ADDZEST on them. I know that ADDZEST is what Clarion stuff is often sold as in Japan. I don't care. It's a goofy word and I'm going to giggle at it. ADDZEST!

It should be mine, but since it currently can't be, it can be yours for $10,890.


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