This little guy is a massive 1/8-scale model kit from the ‘60s, never before opened. (The lid has come off, but the inside of the box is sealed with everything still snapped in place) I paid $29.92 for it, which is way more than I ever expected to spend on a single thing at a thrift shop, but according to eBay I could expect at least $100-200 or something if I choose to sell it, and that’s assuming it’s actually opened. For a completely sealed example, I’m betting on something like $250 or more.

I also bought some 45 records.

Wait, my bad... Forget that “some.” I bought 45 records. Two of them are 45s - $0.55 each - and the other 43 are LPs for $0.77 each. I bought everything from Billie Holiday to the Beatles (yes, really) to the Psychedelic Furs to the Clash. The few I’ve bothered to value with completed eBay listings seem to average around $15-50, so I think I made off pretty well.

If I choose to sell all of these things, I’m probably looking at a thousand dollar profit on two days of work. It’s a shame that I can’t have the same luck at the same store two days in a row, or I’d become a millionaire doing this.