If you turn off “Econ” mode, the transmission acts a little less stupid but still jerks and clunks awkwardly. It seems permanently confused.

The Pentastar V6 is a good and smooth power plant, hindered by this clunky/confused transmission.

The interior is cheap, with the “leather” folded awkwardly under the headrests and fresh glue coming off on my fingers from the sides of the sunglasses holder in the overhead console.

The radio could be a lot better, but I’m used to the Bose in my Mazda6. Satellite radio reception is decent, even here in the mountains.

Fuel economy has been decent at 22-ish MPG even with it loaded down to the recommended payload. The A/C gets good and cold very quickly. Remote start and the capability to open/close the side doors and tailgate with the key fob are wonderful features.


This is a mid-level 2017 SXT model with 24,000 miles. Shockingly, it has no DVD player/rear entertainment option.

Overall, if I wanted a van and price was my number one consideration, I’d be okay with a Grand Caravan. Aside from the horrendous small overlap crash test rating...


Oh, and buying one used to let someone else absorb FCA depreciation is probably a safe bet.