Opponauts, I've made a mistake. Some days ago, I wrote some stuff about what I considered the "greatest" cars you do not get stateside but in Europe. Spoiler alert: I lied! They're by no means the greatest, as I could surely see in your engaged comments. I remember including an Opel Meriva in my post... Well, you got some great taste and I'd just like to share your additions here.

(Well, for real I just want to make you lucky Americanos jealous because I don't get my Toyobaru for 25k)

Brian Silvestro started with claiming my list was invalid because of those two:

Audi RS6 Avant


I can understand the want for this one really, really good. It is not that gorgeous compared to its stunning V10 predecessor, but a nice way to go for your groceries nevertheless. Oh, I occasionally I see one in the morning, colored in a deep, deep shade of blue.

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake


A Jaaag Wagon? Nothing for the conservative, but It has its appeal. Though it suffers from a lack of British Racing Green, even if they offer Italian Racing Red... It may be added, that MB seems the only premium brand bold enough to bring their top-notch über-wagon to the States. And BMW: Built a M5 Touring already!!! (though no F31, please, the M3's heavy enough)

Speaking of BMW Tourings, dsscats mentioned I left out the

BMW M550xd Touring


It has some pretty amazing engineering under the hood, more specificly a 381 hp Tri-Turbo DIESEL.

Moving on to another point I seem to haven't covered much enough. Hot Hatches! You might get a Focus ST for a sweet low $20k, but no


Volkswagen Golf GTD


Seems like hondasfordsvolvos wuld rather have one of those "torque-monster" equipped ones. leadbull seems to share his passion for VAG products with athletic appeal, so here's the

Seat Leon Cupra 280


the lack of which he found disturbing. Fixed that. Also near that, ranwhenparked adresses a lack of Citroen DS3. I'd say he's right, but There certainly is a thing that is more fun than a regular DS3...

Citroen DS3 Racing Convertible


A 207 hp B-Segment car to celebrate the WRC that comes with a Soft Top. Only in Europe?

And it did not end there: norskracer98 does really want his

Volkswagen Scirocco TDI


because he's "weird like that". Well whatever that means, the guys here going for those aren't any weird mostly, more the reasonable natures who want something "sporty". When they get children, they'll buy a used Tiguan. (really no lack of green in VW's german lineup, also their webpage is great there)

FCA's cars got also too less attention, it seems, TheBARON2112 misses the

FIAT Panda 4x4

Good call, i have to admit. The previous versions are totally popular in the alp regions and other where offroad-going, but still gently handleable climbers are requested and the streets are too narrow to fit a Defender or a Land Cruiser or even a Forester, at least sometimes. (sadly, I didn't find a good pic)


As conclusion, AMGTECH had wanted me to change 8 positions in my previous list to Alfa Romeos. How I would like to do that! But which models should I have been taking? Hope they'll get the new ones on sale as promised, and in my opinion, there's no need to keep them away from you US citizens.

I will have left out substantial character players in the european market YET AGAIN, but I'd always do that.


So, now start crying about what you are missing! And I'll continue to be angry about your ridicoulously low MSRPs and the total lack of Murano CrossCabriolets around me...

Oh, here's a final

Lada Kalina


Has upper fake grille, 16" five-spokes, 5 doors and an engine that burns fuel. Also it drives and often enough turns when you use the steering wheel.

I do not own any pictures featured here, they belong to the respective manufacturers