In the span on five minutes, I got three idiots gathered together. And I decided to just start doing compilations. Also, any suggestions for a better video editing program where I can add things besides captions?

Today we have a Sprinter doing who the fuck knows what. I am honestly shocked they didn’t actually hit anyone because they acted as if there was no car there. At the second light, I just sat there in awe and asking myself out loud, “What the fuck just happened?”

Then the person who didn’t know where they were going and decided to stop traffic and illegally cross the gore point instead of doing the responsible thing of continuing to drive and turn around safely.

Then we have the creeping kid. I love how people will creep up several times over the course of a red light. Why????

And finally, someone who does not understand how you are supposed to merge or pull into traffic safely. I half expected them to pull in front of me because they appeared to be paying zero attention, and also seemed to be turning quite wide, because of reasons?