So I am still dealing with this ridiculous accident from mid October where I rear ended a person whom cut me off at highway speeds and then jacked on his brakes. He was later cited for reckless driving.

Fast forward to last week, I get an email that he has filed a claim against me.

Today, I finally got to speak with my insurance agent (we've been playing phone tag as I've been inundated with working SEMA). Apparently this guy told the insurance company that it was a low speed accident where I rear ended him and we exchanged insurance info as the damage was minimal (he's trying to get me to cover the cost of his bumper).

I then provided the NHP accident report number where not only my side and his are recorded, but the report of a third party witness backing me up, a copy of the citation he received for reckless driving and driving to endanger, and pictures of the incident.

I just have to wonder, what is this guy thinking? lying to the insurance company; did you think they wouldn't follow up? Once the report comes through my agent will call me with the decision, which will undoubtedly find him at fault.