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More interesting thoughts, this time video game related.

Lately, I had some other thoughts in my head.

This time, it was the idea of an Oppo video game company.

Oppo members pitching in to buy up IPs and studios that share the same passion for cars as we do.


Oppositelock Games, it could be called.

It's pretty much a pipe dream, but a very interesting one.

Focusing primarily on driving/racing games, there would be 4 studios under the Oppositelock umbrella, three of them already established, the 4th being completely new and in-house.

- First to be scooped up would be Bugbear Entertainment. They would not only keep working on their current project, but after it's release would work on two other IPs that would be bought up and revived.

Those IPs would be Split/Second (bought up from Disney and, if possible, adding some of the staff that created the original to the team) and Stuntman (which would be bought from Nordic Games, who in turn bought them from THQ's bankruptcy, and I don't really see them doing anything with it).


Three sorts of games that they could easily specialize in.

- Next would be the in-house studio, which would be Oppositelock (insert city where it would be based in here).


This team would focus on games that the other studios wouldn't be working on. Namely, simulators and misc. arcade racers.

Titles here would include other IPs bought up from other companies, including Juiced (bought up from Nordic Games, this would likely be co-developed with the studio below), Blur (bought up from Activision, possibly bringing some of that game's developers on board, if there are any left with the company), Test Drive (would be bought up from Atari and revitalized), two revitalized Midway classics bought up from WB Games, Crusin' and Rush.


Plus, a community driven racing simulator that would be something like a multiplatform Forza Motorsport, with monthly and weekly content added, primarily consisting of monthly paid car packs and weekly free track packs, and the occasional free car pack, consisting of 1-3 cars.

- The third studio would bring some Far East flavor to the company, a snatched up and revitalized Genki Co., Ltd, combined with the portion of Climax Entertainment that worked on the Runabout series.


Here, the focus would primarily be on the revitalization of two Japanese arcade racer series, Shutokō Battle/Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Runabout.

- The 4th studio would focus on Oppositelock Games' mobile/handheld offerings, a bought up Playrise Digital, makers of the well recieved Table Top Racing.


They would also work on mobile/handheld versions of titles from the other studios, likely including mobile Split/Second and Runabout games.

Of course, like I said above, this is a bit of a pipe dream. The chances of all this happening are slim to none, but we can all dream, right?

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