More interior progress/Painting Plans

Not nearly enough cocaine is going into this (literally no cocaine). The flooring is in, just need to get the contours to conform to where I need them to go and make sure nothing is James.


After this is done, and the electrics are somewhat more sorted than they are now, paint. I’m pretty sure whoever repainted the car last either went the Maaco route, or tried to do it in a day; aka cheap. Paints flaking, chipping, and in one case, peeling off in places. This is not worth saving so when the weather warms up, I‘m gonna prep the car and have someone do a better job.

I’ve narrowed it down to four options, with price, quality, and ease of painting in mind. The original color (Dolomite Grey Metallic), the alternative grey (Slate Grey Metallic), the bluegaloo color (Monaco Blue), and the ‘Murican color (Nightmist Blue Metallic).

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