The hood scoop is coming along nicely, I got regular body filler on it and it’s almost ready for primer.

This is the most time consuming part because the contours largely have to be done by hand so it’s basically about one minute or two of sanding and then checking the contour and then repeating about a million times.


I also received the driveshaft in the mail, it was very easy to order because the jag already uses the common 1310 universal joints at both ends (not the front joint really matters since it’s going into a chevy trans). All I have to do is press on the flange for the diff and it should be ready to install. Which means I can mount the trans and fill it with fluid and it should be done save for the cooler.

I also got this trick little dakota digital pulse generator for the speedometer, again a very easy order because the jag uses the same 8k pulse frequency as pre-LS chevys.

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