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More jag stuff happened

I got the old driveshaft out and pressed out the flange for the diff which ended up being very easy, probably because of all leaking fluid coating the universal joint.

The new driveshaft ended up being a bit longer than needed because of a miscalculation (I rounded up when I should of rounded down). But luckily I was able to take the extra length out of the slip-yoke and all is almost well, it’s a bit tighter than I would like but with it being an IRS unit on radial tires I don’t see too much movement happening so I should be good to go.


So basically the drivetrain is done, I just need to finish wiring up the pulse generator and the trans will be properly mounted in place instead of being held up with wooden blocks.

My next purchase will hopefully be a full ignition system and a trans cooler which means I’ll be able to install the proper dizzy, find TDC for the last time, do a final check on valve lash, tighten up the torque converter bolts and then mount all the accessories to the engine, install the radiator and everything forward of that.

I’m also hopefully trading a guy some old parts I had laying around for a new carburetor, it’s not the one I wanted but it should be good enough for me to at least break in the engine and put around.

So yeah the car is largely done. If I do get the carb then really the only thing left after that would be the exhaust system which I’m not going to talk about too much because its going to be very very interesting.


I also mounted my bootleg lokar braided trans dipstick, hopefully it doesn’t leak lol.

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