More Joop - This seems like a bad decision

So the new JL gets a turbo mild hybrid 2.0. It gets very good economy for a wangler, 23/25/24 city/hwy/comb. What’s not great is that:

1. its premium fuel only

2. its a $1000 premium up front

3. auto only

the 3rd is just missing out on a perk, but the first 2? So how long would that fuel savings take to pay back the engine? So here’s the wont, ever. Mainly because premium is more expensive to the point that this engine, according to the EPA which is known to be wildly optimistic to downsize turbo engines to start, says it will cost the exact same as the 3.6. $2150/yr.


In fact in some trims it’s actually MORE money annually. In the unlimited its estimated to cost $2350 a year where the V6 unlimited still sits at $2150. Which is another clue that this turbo engine will likely underperform on its numbers if the size difference matters that much to it compared to the V6 with the same transmission.

Sure it has 25 lbs-ft more torque lower down, but 15 less hp.

“you can tune the engine easier!”

Maybe, maybe not. Remember its an integrated hybrid so maps might not be easy to do and its just going to add to the price gap and decrease economy further.

To me I just don’t see the value. I guess its a little gruntier off the line, but not much. hardly worth $1000 plus $200 a year fuel surcharge. This feels like an engine that was made for the test cycle and that’s all.

The other important question to ask is - which would you rather have off road? A brand new high strung hybrid motor made by FCA? Or a proven V6 that has been very reliable?

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