Well, it was 10th place exactly and I could have taken a few of the corners a little better, but considering that there were 154 participants, 20th was my best to date at this venue, and I managed to catch up to the pair of E36 M3 drivers in my class that I mentioned previously (0.125 slower than one, 0.02 faster than the other), I can’t exactly complain.

In other news, the fiance participated in SCCA’s Starting Line class the day before and appears to have gotten properly hooked. He seems to have a knack for it too. By the end of the day he was the fastest out of the students and managed to hit within 0.1s of what his instructor was able to accomplish in his car (albeit with about a dozen more attempts than said instructor). He wasn’t able to make it to this event, but I’ll be dragging his ass out to some of the next ones at Heartland Park for sure. Here’s hoping we can both keep up the momentum at the new/new-ish (I’ve only been there once) venue.