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More late night rants about the Fiero

Fuel tank sprung a leak when my friend put some gas in it. APparently it’s a hole on the bottom. I’ve got some high-strength epoxy, but there are no aftermarket tanks so all I can do is hope it isn’t bad. I’m driving out tomorrow to continue brake work and assess the gas tank.

In motorcycle news, the TDM owner is out at tail of the dragon in his vintage beetle for the next week and a half. At the same time, my local BMW dealership has come out and placed a great condition F800S for about 4 grand. I love the color. I am tempted.


Overall, it’s been a busy few weeks and I feel like I’m being swept along by life instead of making my own way anymore. Nothing too major, just a hard speed bump to hit after a couple months of business but feeling in control. Been riding the bikes a lot lately so I guess I feel more at home on bikes than cars right now.

No need for advice or sympathy but feel free to share stories or let me know if the F800 is a good bike for commuting and day trips. I’m in love with the color and I do enjoy the look overall of the bike.

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