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local [project] Mazda 6s 6MT for sale. Linky below or in comments if interested.

So earlier in the week I posted a TurboTax commercial that made me LOL. I needed it because my furnace decided it didn’t want to work.

On a week when the high temperature was 11*F and low of -12*F.

I was able to maintain around 40*F in the house for the week, which means I need to replace a few windows when it gets warmer. I did sleep soundly being so cold. Had a tech come out Thursday afternoon. $97 service charge later, it turned out it was failed limit switch.


That only cost me $15 at Grainger to replace!

*I wasn’t going to wait to have a cheaper one online to deliver.

Things are back to normal now. But I’m still expecting to have to replace the entire HVAC system in the very near future.


“Two tears in a bucket, fuck it.”


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