A few weeks ago I posted about my lawn mower (Post 1, Post 2), how it would start but not run. Now it won't start at all. I really, really want to fix this myself so I don't have to pay somebody else to do it, and I'm game to learn how. But I've done what I can to this point, and need some suggestions.

A few months ago, I replaced the fuel line. So fuel should be flowing to the carb. In the latest round of repair attempts, I replaced the spark plug and air filter, removed the carb bowl (it was quite clean) and sprayed copious amounts of carb cleaner in the carb and on the bowl. I also covered myself in gasoline (lesson learned). After that round of work, the mower would run, but only with the air cleaner removed. Two weeks ago, I got it to run only after tilting it all the way back (wheelie). Last week, it ran for two minutes and now won't even turn over.

Part of my problem is that I just don't know what could be wrong, or what parts could be causing the issues. I'm also up against a fundamental lack of knowledge about how these damned things work, though I understand the theory.

This shot shows the carb, with the air filter and air filter mount removed. You see the fuel line on the left, and the open-ended hose attaches to the back of the air filter mount. Is this where air gets sucked into the engine? As I said, I've cleaned the bowl and sprayed a lot of carb cleaner into the carb. I think I got the bowl reassembled properly last time because it did run long enough to get my front yard done.


Here's a top view of the carb. Just how much of this can I disassemble without screwing everything up, and what would I do if I got in there? Is this possibly not fuel-related at all, rather electrical? How can I test if I'm getting spark?


As you can see, I'm stumped. Thanks in advance.