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I’ve tried not to inflict more boring stories of chasing people with failed brake/tail lights, but today saw an odd coincidence, so what the heck. You’re always free to ignore these, and I’ve been quiet for a while, so deal with it.

(Context for those who haven’t been subjected to my ramblings on the topic.)

First, a sad statistic: of the last five vehicles I’ve seen with no brake lights at all, I was only able to notify one of them. It’ll be easier when it’s warmer and my Jeep is naked (and people are more prone to drive with windows down) but it’s increasingly tempting to put a PA system back in.


Today I had a personal first. And then a second such first.

I ran into McD’s this morning (bacon & egg bagel is a great way to start a day) and as I was leaving with my food, I noticed a woman with both main brake lights out (CHMSL was fine) about to give her order. So, I scurried through the line of cars waiting for drive-through and gave her a heads up.

I rarely get the opportunity to let people know about this while on foot, and it’s nice to have a captive audience. Win!

Well, this evening I decided I hadn’t had a burger from there in a while, and their fries are always tempting (can you tell I’m a healthy eater?) so I went to a different location. As I pulled into my parking spot, I did a quick scan of drive-through, and sure enough there was a different car with both main brake lights out, and I ran over to let him know. (Again, CHMSL was fine, no running lights on, which is the ideal for me to verify their brake lights are out.)


Anyway, just a reminder: people really usually don’t know. Be alert. Be kind.

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