More like Fix-A-Poop, am I right?

I got a nail in my tire about a month ago and it held air fine, though it did slowly leak. After a week or so, I added Fix-A-Flat and it held up great. I was planning on getting new tires this weekend after I finished moving into my new place, but then yesterday I got out and heard a hissing sound. Sure enough, my tire was literally squirting Fix-A-Flat all over the place. I’ve never seen that before.

But anyway, long story short, I’m getting my tires replaced early. $60 for two used ones, matching, balanced, and mounted. Can’t beat that.

Wait, yes you can. I could have bought two steelies WITH tires for $40 at the junkyard and sold these old ones to make my money back. I could have, anyway, if the first-gen Soul wasn’t the only car in the world with its specific dimensions. I’d have to settle for the wrong offset, and that’s just too much to think about right now.

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