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More like no car payments IN 90 days

I just checked my bank balance, and as usual it’s a mix of bad news/good news. Bad news - payday was Friday and I’m essentially out of money after paying down numerous bills. The good news? In 3 months the car will be paid off. Two more full payments and then a partial payment and it’s all mine.

Other than various bits of damage from idiots hitting the car there is nothing wrong with it. I was putting on 15K/year for a few years, but since changing jobs the miles have dropped considerably; I just turned 50K a few weeks ago, so when it’s paid off I will have averaged a tad over 10K/year. With so few miles driven lately the fuel economy hasn’t been all that great, averaging just over 20MPG. With a rev-happy engine and a manual transmission I tend to zing it up to redline more than I should. And I’m sure the mileage would improve if I took several hundred pounds of crap our of it (mostly water and audio gear)


(Not the same but very similar in concept...)

No need for another car. I might buy an old Miata as a project, but no rush. Time for a new computer (last major computer purchase was in 2009, and Microsoft won’t be helping me purchase another Macintosh again), and then save, save, save.

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