More like the Mustang Santa Claus Edition amirite?

The dark green metallic Bullitt Mustang has bright red brake calipers. They’re Brembos in front and basic sliding calipers in back. They are garish as fuck. They should be black or silver or maybe something else.

I get that manufacturers want to call attention to LOOK AT MUH FANCY BRAKE CALIPERS and often do that by painting them colors like red, but these red brake calipers look horrible:


Nevermind that the rears are bullshit single piston sliding calipers because Ford couldn’t even at least pop for some 2-piston monoblock style calipers to fit the look better, why on a car that comes in one and only one color of dark green are the calipers bright red?

What the Bullitt Mustang needs are some gold Brembos like mid-00s Subaru STIs, Nissan 350Zs and Infiniti G35s, which by the way had 2-piston rear calipers.


Here’s my quick & dirty attempt at a photoshop of some gold calipers on the Bullitt. It ain’t perfect, but this is an immediate improvement. Come on Ford, you’re doing it wrong. 

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