Has anyone used SwapaLease (or any similar service) to get out of a lease? I am getting to the point where I think I hate my M6GC.

Prior readers will know I think the DCT in the big BMWs is terrible. It’s a worse driver in traffic than I was a 14 learning to drive in traffic in my mother’s Celica. (Yes we learned illegally early in the country in Georgia.)

So today I took the car in for it’s annual service after driving back from LA. On the trip, not only did the SOS button cover fall off (never touched as far as I know), but the rear tow hook cover fell off (the car was never touched in the rear, and by the way that is supposed to be secured with some sort of rubber strap).

While looking at this with the service advisor, we noticed that the rear tailpipes didn’t stick out the same amount - the driver tips stuck out about 1/2" more. He looked under the car and said “Huh, looks like these are about to fall off too.” Like it was no big deal.

So did I just get a lemon, or is BMW’s build quality going to hell? This is just totally inappropriate for a car that costs $135k.


I should note that as much as I am starting to hate this car, I love my i8. It’s awesome.