So I got the new bellhousing in, and everything bolted in perfectly. Went to drop the engine and trans in, and we ran into another snag. We couldn't tell before because we didn't know where the trans had to sit, but the oil pan is resting on the steering rod. Now, we have a couple of options. Option A, buy special pan for $240 that will clear the steering. Option B, modify the pan either with a hammer or by cutting and notching. I'm well aware of the dangers of modifying pans, but I'm a capable welder and at least from that perspective, we'll be good. Option C, fabricate spacer blocks for the motor and trans mounts to let the motor sit up higher and clear the steering. Option D, make drop spacers for the steering to drop the rack lower and out of the way. Still havent decided what to do yet, but Options C and D are the easiest to try and reverse, so those will likely be the first options.

In other news, I'm painting my 454 table tonight. Still haven't decided between Chevy Orange, Black, or Chrome. Part of me REALLLYYYYY wants to paint it Ford Racing Blue, but I'm trying to sell the table and that won't help.

Here's another pic of the Mazda. I couldn't help it, the sun was glistening off the carb sooo nicely.