So when test fitting the 350 last week, we ran into a snag. The bellhousing that came with the trans we bought was supposed to be for a 350, but it turned out to be for a 327. It didn't clear the flywheel or the starter, so we needed a new one. Luckily, I had a buddy who just so happened to have a bell housing for a muncie to a 454 laying around. It bolted right up and fits perfectly, so we'll run with that. Saved a nice $200 too.

Then, I finally pulled out the 454 block I had laying in storage this weekend. I picked the complete engine for free 2 years ago when I still worked at an engine machine shop. I took it apart, found a huge hole in the number 2 cylinder wall, cracks in both heads, and a piston in pieces in the oil pan. No good news, but I kept it for future coffee-table-ification. I finally got it out today, cleaned it up at the shop, welded on some pistons/glass supports, and am going to paint it and buy glass tomorrow. Any paint suggestions? I'm thinking chevy orange, because while overdone, it might sell better. And yes, I'm considering selling it after I make it. I could use the cash. The cylinder deck and all other gasket surfaces will remain bare metal, just as if it were going to be reassembled.


Thats all for now. Till next time Oppo, keep it 'tween the ditches.