The Blazer is actually selling

GM Authority is reporting that Blazer sales through Q2 of ‘19 total 11,772 units giving it a ytd sales for 2019 of 14,795. Impressive until you dig deeper into the numbers and realize this puts the Blazer 18th out out 20 sales wise compared to its mid size and full size competition (it sits between the Outlander and the Passport. Dead last is the Mazda CX-9).


Alfa went to Bimmerfest to try and win over buyers:

CarBuzz reports last month Alfa Romero had the balls to show up to Bimmerfest at AutoClub Speedway in Fontana. They let these BMW faithful test their performance models to try and win them over. An Alfa spokesperson at the even was quoted as saying: “the event overall was a great fit for Alfa Romeo given the built-in audience of BMW owners who were very interested in the chance to drive Alfa products available to them.” I doubt though these people want to trade German reliability for Italian reliability

G70 based crossover is coming in 2021:.


Motor1 confirmed with Genesis COO Erwin Raphael that along with the coming GV80 G80 based crossover debuting early next year, a smaller G70 compact crossover is coming in late ‘20 or early ‘21. Supposedly there are 6 new models coming between now and ‘21 as well.


The Escalade is going to the LT4 V8 from the ZL1: Take this with a grain of salt the size of an Escalade, but an outlet called Muscle Cars & Trucks is reporting that a source spoke to them and confirmed that an Escalade is coming with LT4 power. According to the article: Additionally, this high-performance Escalade program also survived the turbulent regime change within Cadillac itself. This program was originally initiated by former Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen when outlining the brand’s 10-year plan some time ago. Original intel from some outlets stated that this souped-up Escalade would make it in time for the current-generation model, which is set to be replaced next year.

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