Genesis G70 based crossover spied on the ‘Ring: Car&Driver spied the upcoming sport sedan based crossover testing at the Nurburgring. They, as I’m sure we all do, expect it to have the same 2.o turbo and 3.3 twin turbo V6 engine options, though there is talk of a hybrid version as well. Its expected to debut early next year.


Could this stupid hint point to a release date of the new Dodge Challenger?: It must be a slow news day over at Motor1. They think that, after seeing press pics for the 2020 model year Challenger, that the fact that the odo pictured above has 2023 miles, that that points to a release date for the new model. They claim their source believes that this is a hint, but fail to say why their source believes this. If true, and I hope it is, the car would be way over 10 years old by that point. Hopefully its coming. While being as old as it is hasn’t stopped sales, there’s only so much more they can do with this thing.

Tesla is opening new “centers” to help with sales: Electrek is reporting that Tesla is moving to open what they are calling “Tesla Centers” to get around dealership restrictions and try to increase deliveries. The goal of these centers seems to be to streamline their delivery problems, which are well known, and to consolidate sales, service and delivery at large locations that are open 7 days a week. They report that Tesla is poised to start this in their 4th quarter.


Looks like the Charger is stealing thunder from Camaro and Mustang as well: Motor1 is also reporting that the Charger outsold both 2 door muscle/sports cars the 3rd quarter of this year. Dodge moved 18,031 Charges compared to 16,823 Mustangs and only 12,275 Camaros. Dodge marketing manager Ashton Munoz stated the car is winning over buyers from other segments as well. He stated: “We actually see a lot of people coming in from Mustang and Camaro. It’s a sedan, but we see muscle car buyers getting into it. We like to theorize that you’ve had a muscle car your whole life, and you’re in that next stage [with a family], but you still want something fun. You can have it with the Dodge Charger.” This makes sense seeing as the Charger is essential a 4 door muscle car. So you get both the utility and more usefulness on a daily basis.

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