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More Mustang Progress

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I’m making decent progress on the ‘64.5 Project car I’ve been restoring for a year. So far, the majority of the engine electrics are wired up and in order, but I’ve gotta figure out how to wire up the OE electrics to the HEI distributor. The power steering system is all buttoned up along with the front suspension. The cooling system is nearly complete, and I need to figure out how to install the transmission cooler.


This weekend, I got the rear lights working, and the fuel tank removed and drained of decades old fuel. I think it’s very likely I’ll have this car running and off to paint before the end of August!

In many ways I’m like David Tracy, living in Michigan (no more than 20 minutes away from him, in fact). Except I’m hoarding a total of two Porsches in a rotational state of running or in repair, actively restoring a Mustang, and somehow haven’t annoyed my neighbors yet. I’m actually not sure how I haven’t done the latter yet.


I say this in jest, of course.

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