Before the blizzard this weekend I took a few more pics of the bike. I also bought a bike cover and I am VERY GLAD I paid the extra 10$ for the "extreme duty" cover over the "medium duty" cover. We got a foot of snow and blizzard conditions for two days within hours of me putting it on the bike. LIFE. CHOICES. VALIDATED.


It is rather heavy but it is so comfortable from a riding position standpoint. I can easily walk it around and lifting it up isn't too difficult either so hopefully it isn't too heavy for m as a new rider. I need to fix the small dings and scratches on the bodywork and I crunched one of the rear indicators walking it out of the spot.......didn't damage them when it fell out of the van, but I heard the ugly noise a I was walking the bike out, looked down, and saw the bits of rubber and plastic that probably froze overnight.....I feel special.