To celebrate the fact that kinja is loading comments for me again, here is a before and after video of a cold start on my STi. I installed a Nameless muffler delete and it sounds glorious. The video obviously doesn’t do it justice.

It’s a little loud for it to have come from the factory like this, but Subaru should have been closer to this than what they came up with for the stock muffler. It was not only quiet, but still droney and not good sounding.

The sound with the muffler-delete matches the character of the car perfectly. It’s a rowdy, obnoxious car with a huge wing, after all. I also like the look of the slightly-larger tips, 3.5" vs 3.0" with new hangers to bring the tips up higher and closer to the bumper.

Despite how good this sounds, a midpipe is in my future (for Christmas???) because I need more of those good good crackles and pops. Currently, with the axle-back you get a little pop if you shift very aggressively, but it’s not quite there yet.