More on that Cadillac Seville I was looking for earlier

Apparently it was featured in Car and Driver in the February 1983 issue. This timetable makes sense since I would get hand-me-down copies of C&D in the early ‘80s from a friend of the family. I don’t know if R&T actually covered this car, so I might have been mistaken there. My main sub to R&T was 1978, and apparently this car was a ‘79, so it wouldn’t have been in the issues that I received in that subscription. The owner’s name is John Ward. The license plate reads “1FASTMF”. According to a few bits of info I’ve read it has a twin-turbo LS7 454 with 750hp, running on propane with nitrous. It is basically a stock-car tube-frame chassis with a Seville body thrown on top of it. Four huge Hoosiers, necessitating the huge fender flares (you can sort of see them in the video capture at the bottom of this post) A pneumatic actuator tilts down the rear license plate to reveal an aircraft landing light to blind those behind you which, I assume, is to get rid of cops - they can’t chase you if they can’t see.


There was also a 1979 Cadillac Seville run by John Ward (the Evil Seville) that sported a 750hp NASCAR-derived big block under the hood, backed by massive race slicks at all four corners.



I spoke with John Ward again this morning. For a guy who is semi-retired he is busy still doing bodywork and refinishing cars.

The Evil Seville: based on a 79 Seville body and grafted the upper body skin onto a Speedway Engineering Chassis. John’s best friend is Ken Sapper (started Speedway Engineering) and is known throughout the stock car circle. The Seville was powered by a LS7 454 with twin turbos, propane powered and aided by a cold shot of laughing gas. I asked why he built it (dumb question). I cannot put in text his exact words but something to the tune of blowing the ******* doors off Ferrari and Porsche’s with a laugh.

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