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Pictured: muh house. Yes, my street number is 327. No, I don’t have a Chevy smallblock-themed mailbox... my wife vetoed it.

It went live on the MLS Friday at 2:00. By Saturday at 10:00 we had an offer for $12k over asking. A young couple using a VA loan. I related immediately and knew they came in fast and strong because they’re using a VA loan and have probably lost on about 14 other offers because of it.


I took their offer and cancelled my open house. Yes, I’m making money off of this house, and yes it’s a terrible market for a young couple starting out. But I still feel like I did a nice thing by taking their offer. I never thought the stupid letters that people submit with their offers did a bit of good, but theirs made me want them to have my house.

Pictured: Muh other house. It also went pending on Saturday. In Florida, on the panhandle where houses move sloooooowwww. It was listed for 3 days. I fully expected it to take a month or two to sell. It was a full price offer. They wrote no letter. Another youngish couple of the active military type. They wanted me to pay closing, so I countered back at my list price + closing and they accepted. Yay!

It’ll be bittersweet seeing both go. The Florida house was the first home my wife and I bought together, but we only got to live in it for a lousy 6 months. The Oregon house is where we brought our daughter home. It has so much mid-century subtle class, and everything in it is original and amazing— it kills me to think about someone gutting the kitchen and bathrooms for “improvements”, but in the end, each one is just a pile of sticks on a mound of dirt.


Now to dump my newly found buckets of cash into my new money pit!

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