More Parts (Photo Heavy, Includes Shiny)

I’ve been working on some bits other than just the core support in my recently-limited garage time.

These actually aren’t in bad shape

The three parts pictured have an interesting role. The two L-shaped ones bolt on between the core support and the fender-below-the-headlight and serve to be a filler behind the fender extension (it doesn’t make much sense when you see it, either) and to stick up and provide the attachment for the grille. The long part goes on top of the core support (ends sandwiched between it and the fenders) and is basically the ‘top’ of the grille.

The same heavy rubberized undercoating as was on literally everything

Like everything else, there was undercoating in need of removal. Fortunately, this was pretty well dried out and didn’t put up much of a fight like other sections have.

The creamy nougat center of the undercoating onion

Now, this part is in remarkably good shape - especially the parts which were undercoated. That said, this piece is literally the first thing you see when you open the hood.

(Not Bad meme goes here)

This means that it needs to be good and not just alright. It needs to be completely stripped clean before paint. I did also clean up the fender... extension... extensions in a similar manner, but in typical fashion took minimal pictures.

About 85% done in this picture

As promised, there is more shiny:

99% done in this picture

The final step (for right now) is primer, one side is done (pictured) and the other side is drying as I type this. I like how quickly the primer dries, unlike the paint which takes just shy of one eternity.

Garage floor is still awful, more on that later.

Why these parts now? Well, they fit into the stackup with the core support and the fenders, and my next major step is to do the rust repair on the fenders. This requires hanging them on the car as they will end up, which requires these parts. I don’t necessarily have to have these refinished for that, but I’ve got time so why not.

Next up is... hmm... I’m not sure. Once these are painted and the core support is fully painted (last coat will go on tomorrow AM) I think the next step will be to temporarily put it together and hang the fenders to work out the required rust repair. I’ll also need the new inner fenders for that, which will take a while to ship I’m sure (originals are trash).


But wait, listen - in the distance, I think I hear a “brap” coming this way.

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