Hi guys, I don't normally make personal posts on Oppo but this simply needs to be made an exception.

Right now I'm supposed to be in the middle of a career transition, and I'm doing student teaching right now for English at the secondary (high school) level. I know a lot of people have a lot of cliches to throw at a profession like that - under-appreciated, but high reward in intangible factors, yadda yadda. Here's the problem.

I've discovered the hard and expensive way that I absolutely hate it.

I've discovered this when I woke up one day and instead of going "wow time to work with kids!" I was thinking "I'm tempted to sleep in because it's a moot point because I'm tempted to turn in my resignation anyway." And after a few mornings in a row thinking that, I'm taking it as a sign. I've already scheduled a meeting where I do, indeed, plan to turn in my formal resignation.

So I'm wondering what to do now. This is far from the first career change I've embarked on. I do enjoy reading and writing which is why I wanted to teach English in the first place, and for the most part what I've written here on OppoLock seems appreciated, but I've had trouble parlaying that into a sustaining career. Not everyone is lucky enough to turn their hobbies into a career, and I guess the sooner I recognize that, the better. I'm wondering if I really do want a Jalop career (or as close as I can get to it) if I should join the salesforce at a dealership or even auto parts store (even though I suck at sales) or even take inventory at Walmart if I need to. If nothing else it's a job and at this point I don't even have the luxury of learning to live with it if I just want to live period.

And if I were to be brutally honest I think I'd rather work inventory at Walmart than teach in the public schools I've been exposed to anyway, but that's another post I can share if you want me to.