1. A squealing baby. Anywhere at any time. This is the reason that I don’t like eating at restaurants. There’s always a “Token Baby,” as I call them. Luckily I’ve never been on a plane with one but I can imagine that it’s far worse.


2. Sitting at the end of the road, wanting to turn right. The cars are spaced just so, that they’re too close to pull out safely, but far enough to take a long time. What’s worse is if you’re turning left, and the cars from one direction finally cease, then you look the other way, and there’s a whole ‘nother convoy coming.


3. My car has been confused for a Mustang three times already. Ironically, I chose it because I wanted a unique muscle car, i.e. one that is not a Mustang. At least no one confuses it for anything more peasantine.

4. The sound of someone whistling or blowing their nose.

5. That specific distance, that you don’t know whether to hold the door open for someone or not.

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