Been some recent discussion on phones lately which was of interest to me since I’ve also been looking since the Moto died and the boy broke his Nexus 6 screen (he’s getting my Nextbit). One of the phones I was interested in because of it’s reasonable cost and what I considered to be a pretty nice slab of hardware was the Honor 8. I bit on one for $319 on sale (MSRP $399) direct from Honor/Huawei with some extras to boot.

I received it Friday afternoon, was back to using the Nextbit Robin in less than 24 hours. I liked the hardware, and enjoyed the fingerprint sensor more than I thought I would...but the software was wretched. I read some negative remarks about it, one Oppo member even mentioned hating it in Zoidbergs thread IIRC. I had issues trying to migrate my settings to it using 3 methods, all to the same result. Could only migrate contacts and around 10 apps using connect. After that I tried again with just using my Google account, same. Then using Huawei’s own phone to phone app, same...I almost stopped and boxed it up then but carried on.

After Manually installing my apps and setting things up I started to discover why the software was so disliked. It’s supposedly a copy of Xiaomi’s copy of iOS. It’s needlessly more complicated, interferes with apps, doesn’t play nice with Nova launcher and tries far too hard with “features” I found annoying. Any notification customization app is essentially rendered useless, such as the calendar app I use that docks permanently there. Speaking of notifications, some apps wouldn’t show up at all, like Words with Friends.

It’s disappointing since I consider it to be pretty nice hardware...with a decent camera too but the software was easily the worst I’ve ever experienced so it’s already boxed to go back. 15 day return policy, customer service was U.S. based and easy to deal with. I blame Samsung for companies doing too much to Android making others follow suit. Motorola does it right with a basic stock experience with a few of their own features as does my Nextbit. If more followed this approach Android would be better received by those switching from iPhones, especially the cheaper offerings, if they just let the basic look/feel be as I find it extremely easy and fluid.

Ordered a OnePlus 3t tonight, supposed to get it in around a week. I’ve read good remarks on Oxygen OS as well as the hardware. We’ll see...if it doesn’t fit I’ll suck it up and get the Pixel. For anyone wondering why not just get it I’m trying to stay in the $400 range.