I posted up last week looking for some advice on buying a cheap, used DSLR and had lots of awesome suggestions and advice thrown my way. Long story short, one of my friends heard I was looking and decided to lend me(on indefinitely loan) two cameras, a Canon 10D and 40D. They basically told me to use them and decide what kind of camera I would really end up needing quality wise and go from there. The issue is that both cameras have the kit lens that came on them and I know that should change, and since I am not buying a camera now I have some money to throw at that. I did some reading over on SpeedHunters about lenses and all, and it seems like it really comes down to what kind of shooting you plan on doing. I think I will mostly be shooting still cars and such in staged settings for the time being, and I've messed with my friends camera using a 35mm fixed length lens and liked that pretty well. So should I stick with a shorter fixed length lens? Go with something else? What length should I go for(30-80 all seem usable for this)? Anything else I should really worry about?