The interior is pretty plush. This was an Ecoboost with the premium package.

The tail lights are pretty badass. I always thought in pictures the butt looked a bit too big but in person it's not bad

The front is a bit bland if I'm honest, but it's clearly a mustang. Blands not really the right word, but compared to the back it could use something else


The interior is very nice


It was brought in by a guy that travels around the country to train dealerships. He was just passing through and stopped at this dealer to show the car off, apparently he'd brought one by before but was catching people that missed it. He gave it some revs for me, I'll upload the video soon. Sounded decent for a 4 cyl, more interesting than the stock V6 in my opinion. A muffler delete will go a long way I'm sure.

Video clip and rundown of the C5 I drove a bit later