Legit Traxxas Sportmaxx, basically an entry-level T-Maxx with RWD. This one’s been converted to 4WD which I plan to remove. Traxxas sold 4WD conversion kits back in the day. The sole reason I was looking for a Sportmaxx and not a T-Maxx was because of the RWD. People have said the Sportmaxx is actually faster than the T-Maxx.

It has the old Traxxas 2.5 engine which is a pretty good nitro engine. Though since I already own a really nice nitro monster truck, this one might get converted to electric. Or not. Haven’t decided yet.


The 27 Mhz radio is definitely getting the boot. I require 2.4 Ghz in all my RCs. Not gonna deal with old tech.


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